LAPACK 3.12.0
LAPACK: Linear Algebra PACKage
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dot: x^H x and x^T x
Collaboration diagram for dot: x^H x and x^T x:


complex function cdotc (n, cx, incx, cy, incy)
complex function cdotu (n, cx, incx, cy, incy)
double precision function ddot (n, dx, incx, dy, incy)
double precision function dsdot (n, sx, incx, sy, incy)
real function sdot (n, sx, incx, sy, incy)
real function sdsdot (n, sb, sx, incx, sy, incy)
complex *16 function zdotc (n, zx, incx, zy, incy)
complex *16 function zdotu (n, zx, incx, zy, incy)

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