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Re: subscribe

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	Robert van de Geijn wrote:
	> What is GPL?
	> gemm numbers are on the webpage now:
	> http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/flame/ITXGEMM/performance.html
	> The best performance I have seen with our stuff on my laptop has been better
	> than 80% of peak.
	Can I just check what you mean by peak?
	I thought a P III could issue 2 flops every 3 cycles, such that a 650Mhz chip
	maxed out at 433 Mflops/s ?
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BTW, notice that peak performance is not particularly
important.  What is important is how the matrix-matrix
multiply benefits an application, which is why we
have LU with pivoting numbers on the webpage, and
how well it does for all matrix sizes, which is why
we show data for m,n,k=32:32:512 and m,n,k=40:40:520
on our webpage.