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Since you are not a fan of compiling from source, I have posted the 256K L2
PIII ATLAS library at:

This guy peaks at around 78% of peak for DGEMM instead of the 72% that the 
512K library you used for your ATLAS timings gets.  My guess is this should
make a big difference, particularly in the large LU timings . . .

Let me know when you update your ATLAS timings; I'll scope out ITX timings
myself after the forthcoming ATLAS release when I have a little more time,
and let you and Greg know the results.


P.S.: GPL is the Gnu Public License; you mention using it yourself for
some forthcoming code, but I think you may want to examine the license 
a little more carefully before saying that again :) You seem to be indicating
you want to keep your assembler core binary-only, which is illegal if you
are GPL-ing the source.  You may be able to get around this by packaging
them in two seperate libs and and using the LGPL instead of the GPL, but
all the people who would be glad you are using GPL would be similarly 
outraged that you violate its spirit in this way, and would probably raise
a stink, if you care about such things.