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Re: subscribe

R Clint Whaley wrote:

> Robert,
> >thanks.  Actually, I was just interested in getting
> >on your mailing list to see what gets said when you
> >are starting to evaluate our PIII kernels.  Just in
> >case some explanation on our part is necessary.
> I doubt we'll do much with your PIII kernels until you release the source.
> We're not much into using binary-only stuff, particularly since the GPL,
> important to a lot of ATLAS users, does not play well with binary-only codes.
> Just so you know, you timed against the ATLAS PII kernel, tuned for a 512K L2
> cache on your 256K PIII.  I can't say how large the improvement will be, but
> on a PII, we get get 73% of peak, and on a PIII with on-chip cache, we get
> 76%, so that should be the minimum gemm improvement.  It would be easier to
> evaluate if you had published GEMM numbers rather than LU; do you have gemm
> numbers?
> Cheers,
> Clint


What is GPL?

gemm numbers are on the webpage now:


The best performance I have seen with our stuff on my laptop has been better
than 80% of peak.