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ScaLAPACK: A Linear Algebra Library for Message-Passing Computers

L. S. Blackford,gif J. Choi,gif A. Cleary,tex2html_wrap_inline607 E. D'Azevedo,gif J. Demmel,gif   I. Dhillon,tex2html_wrap_inline609 J. Dongarra,gif
S. Hammarling,gif   G. Henry,gif   A. Petitet,tex2html_wrap_inline607 K. Stanley,tex2html_wrap_inline609 D. Walker,gif   and R. C. Whaleytex2html_wrap_inline607


This article outlines the content and performance of some of the ScaLAPACK software. ScaLAPACK is a collection of mathematical software for linear algebra computations on distributed-memory computers. The importance of developing standards for computational and message-passing interfaces is discussed. We present the different components and building blocks of ScaLAPACK and provide initial performance results for selected PBLAS routines and a subset of ScaLAPACK driver routines.

Jack Dongarra
Sat Feb 1 08:18:10 EST 1997