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Overview of Recent Supercomputers

Aad J. van der Steen gif


Jack J. Dongarra gif


In this report we give an overview of parallel- and vector computers which are currently available or will become available within a short time frame from vendors; no attempt is made to list all machines that are still in the research phase. The machines are described according to their architectural class. Shared- and distributed memory SIMD- and MIMD machines are discerned. The information about each machine is kept as compact as possible. Moreover, no attempt is made to quote prices as these are often even more elusive than the performance of a system.

This document reflects the technical state of the supercomputer arena as accurately as possible. However, the authors nor their employers take any responsibility for errors or mistakes in this document. We encourage anyone who has comments or remarks on the contents to inform us, so we can improve this work. cm gif

Jack Dongarra
Sat Feb 10 15:12:38 EST 1996