Global Reduction Operations

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Global Reduction Operations

  global reductionreduction

The functions in this section perform a global reduce operation (such as sum, max, logical AND, etc.) across all the members of a group. The reduction operation can be either one of a predefined list of operations, or a user-defined operation. The global reduction functions come in several flavors: a reduce that returns the result of the reduction at one node, an all-reduce that returns this result at all nodes, and a scan (parallel prefix) operation. In addition, a reduce-scatter operation combines the functionality of a reduce and of a scatter operation. In order to improve performance, the functions can be passed an array of values; one call will perform a sequence of element-wise reductions on the arrays of values. Figure gif gives a pictorial representation of these operations.

Figure: Reduce functions illustrated for a group of three processes. In each case, each row of boxes represents data items in one process. Thus, in the reduce, initially each process has three items; after the reduce the root process has three sums.

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