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This users guide provides an informal introduction to the design of the package, a detailed description of its contents, and a reference manual for the leading comments of the source code. A brief discussion of the contents of each chapter, as well as guidance for novice and expert users, can be found in the Suggestions for Reading at the beginning of this book. A List of Notation and Glossary are also provided.

On-line manpages (troff files) for ScaLAPACK routines, as well as for LAPACK and the BLAS, are available on netlib. These files are automatically generated at the time of each release. For more information, see the manpages.tar.gz entry on the scalapack index on netlib. A comprehensive Installation Guide for ScaLAPACK [24] is also available; refer to section 1.7 for further details.

Using a World Wide Web   browser such as Netscape, one can access the ScaLAPACK homepage  via the URL:
This homepage contains hyperlinks for additional documentation as well as the ability to view individual ScaLAPACK driver and computational routines.

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