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To ease the installation process, prebuilt ScaLAPACK libraries are available on netlib for a variety of architectures.
Included with each prebuilt library archive is the make include file detailing the compiler options, and so on, used to compile the library. If a prebuilt library is not available for the specific architecture, the user will need to download the source code from netlib
and build the library as instructed in the ScaLAPACK Installation Guide [24]. Sample files for various architectures are included in the distribution tar file and will require only limited modifications to customize for a specific architecture.

A comprehensive ScaLAPACK Installation Guide (LAPACK Working Note 93) [24]  is distributed with the complete package and contains descriptions of the testing programs, as well as detailed installation instructions.

A BLAS library and BLACS library must have been installed or be available on the architecture on which the user is planning to run ScaLAPACK. Users who plan to run ScaLAPACK on top of PVM [68] or MPI [64, 110] must also have PVM and/or MPI available.

If a vendor-optimized version of the BLAS is not available, one can obtain a Fortran77 reference implementation from the blas directory on netlib. If a BLACS library is not available, prebuilt BLACS libraries are available in the blacs/archives directory on netlib for a variety of architecture and message-passing library combinations. Otherwise, BLACS implementations for the Intel series, IBM SP series, PVM, and MPI are available from the blacs directory on netlib. PVM is available from the pvm3 directory on netlib, and a reference implementation of MPI is also available. Refer to the following URLs    :

Comprehensive test suites       for the BLAS, BLACS, and PVM are provided on netlib, and it is highly recommended that these test suites be run to ensure proper installation of the packages.

If the user will be using PVM, it is important to note that only PVM version 3.3 or later is supported with the BLACS [113, 52]. Because of major changes in PVM and the resulting changes required in the BLACS, earlier versions of PVM are not supported. User who have a previous release of PVM must obtain version 3.3 or later to run the PVM BLACS and thus ScaLAPACK.

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