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This chapter attempts to answer some of the most common questions encountered by users when installing PVM and running PVM programs. It also covers debugging the system itself, which is sometimes necessary when doing new ports or trying to determine whether an application or PVM is at fault. The material here is mainly taken from other sections of the book, and rearranged to make answers easier to find. As always, RTFM pages first. Printed material always lags behind reality, while the online documentation is kept up-to-date with each release. The newsgroup comp.parallel.pvm is available to post questions and discussions.

If you find a problem with PVM, please tell us about it. A bug report form is included with the distribution in $PVM_ROOT/doc/bugreport. Please use this form or include equivalent information.

Some of the information in this chapter applies only to the generic Unix implementation of PVM, or describes features more volatile than the standard documented ones. It is presented here to aid with debugging, and tagged with a to warn you of its nature.

Examples of shell scripts are for either C-shell (csh, tcsh) or Bourne shell (sh, ksh). If you use some other shell, you may need to modify them somewhat, or use csh while troubleshooting.