Pvmd Log File

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Pvmd Log File

The pvmd writes errors on both its standard error stream (only until it is fully started) and a log file, named /tmp/pvml.uid. uid is your numeric user id (generally the number in the third colon-separated field of your passwd entry). If PVM was built with the SHAREDTMP option (used when a cluster of machines shares a /tmp directory), the log file will instead be named /tmp/pvml.uid.hostname.

If you have trouble getting PVM started, always check the log file for hints about what went wrong. If more than one host is involved, check the log file on each host. For example, when adding a new host to a virtual machine, check the log files on the master host and the new host.

Try the following command to get your uid:

    (grep `whoami` /etc/passwd || ypmatch `whoami` passwd) \
      | awk -F: '{print $3;exit}'