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Runtime Debug Masks 


The pvmd and libpvm each have a debugging mask   that can be set to enable logging of various information. Logging information is divided into classes, each enabled separately by a bit in the debug mask. The pvmd and console have a command line option (-d) to set the debug mask of the pvmd to the (hexadecimal) value specified; the default is zero. Slave pvmds inherit the debug mask of the master as they are started. The debug mask of a pvmd can be set at any time using the console tickle   command on that host. The debug mask in libpvm can be set in the task with pvm_setopt() .

The pvmd debug mask bits are defined in ddpro.h, and the libpvm bits in lpvm.c. The meanings of the bits are not well defined, since they're only intended to be used when fixing or modifying the pvmd or libpvm. At present, the bits in the debug mask are as follows: