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Digest for Monday, January 16, 2023

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Deadline Imminent, Submissions for IMA Fox Prize 2023
New Book, Introduction to Linear Algebra, Sixth Edition
New Book, Maximum-Entropy Sampling: Algorithms and Application
New Book, Statistical Analysis of Networks
Copper Mountain Multigrid Methods, USA, Apr 2023
Challenges and Advances in Numerical Analysis, Italy, Jun 2023
HKSIAM Biennial Conference, Hong Kong SAR, Aug-Sep 2023
Call for Submissions, ENUMATH 2023, Portugal, Sep 2023
Tenure-Track Positions, Morgan State Univ, USA
Professorship Position, NA, Univ of Oxford
W3 Professorship Position, AI in the Sciences, Germany
Assistant Professor Position, Mathematics, Heriot-Watt Univ, UK
Assistant or Associate Professor Position, Mathematics, UNC-Chapel Hill
University Assistant Position, Univ of Graz, Austria
Postdoc Position, Data Assimilation, Uni Potsdam
Postdoc Positions, Systems-and-Control, Univ of Trento
Postdoc and PhD Positions, Tensor Methods, KU Leuven, Belgium
Postdoc/PhD Positions, Computational Physiology, Simula Research Lab
PhD Position, Eindhoven Univ of Technology
PhD Position, Scientific Computing, TU Chemnitz
PhD Positions, Computational Optimization, Weierstrass Institute
CFP, LAMA: Advances in NA and Scientific Computing
Contents, J Computational Analysis and Appl, 31 (1)
Contents, J Computational Mathematics, 41 (1)
Contents, Mathematical and Computational Appl, Feature Papers
Contents, Numerical Algorithms, 92 (1)

Digest for Wednesday, January 4, 2023

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2022 Babuska Prize Awarded
BibTeX Bibliography
Software Release, pyMOR 2022.2
New Book, Intro to the Study of Experimental Probabilities
Optimal Guidance & Control, Autonomous Systems, USA, Mar 2023
Call for Nominations, Rising Stars Workshop, USA, Apr 2023
East Coast Optimization Meeting, ONLINE, Apr 2023
Computational Science and HPC (CSHPC), Greece, Jul 2023
Conference, Nick Trefethen's Retirement, UK, Aug 2023
IMACS World Congress, Italy, Sep 2023
Tenure-Track Position, Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences
Tenure-Track Positions, Morgan State Univ, USA
Postdoc Position, Applied Analysis, BCAM
Postdoc Position, Computational Particle Accelerator Physics, PSI
Postdoc Position, Computational UQ, Technical Univ of Denmark
Postdoc Position, Harmonic Analysis and Appl to PDE, BCAM
Postdoc Position, NA and Optimization, George Mason Univ
Postdoc Position, Statistical Physics, BCAM
PhD Position, DL for PDE-based Inverse Problems, UCL, UK
PhD Positions, BCAM
PhD Positions, Numerical Analysis, Monash Univ
CFP,  Model Reduction and Surrogate Modeling, ACOM
CFP, Differential and Integral Equations, Symmetry Special Issue
CFP, Fourier-based Methods, AMSES Special Issue

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