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LAPACK Users' Guide
Third Edition

UPDATED: 22 Aug 1999

  • E. Anderson,
  • Z. Bai,
  • C. Bischof,
  • S. Blackford,
  • J. Demmel,
  • J. Dongarra,
  • J. Du Croz,
  • A. Greenbaum,
  • S. Hammarling,
  • A. McKenney,
  • D. Sorensen

    1999 by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Certain derivative work portions have been copyrighted by the Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd.

    The hardcopy version of LAPACK Users' Guide, Third Edition may be ordered directly from SIAM. Mail ordering information and payment to

    You can also call 800-447-SIAM in USA and Canada or 215-382-9800 worldwide. You can fax your order to 215-386-7999, send us e-mail or order over the web

    Order Code: SE09List Price: $46.00
    ISBN:0-89871-447-8SIAM Member Price: $32.00

    The royalties from the sales of this book are being placed in a fund to help students attend SIAM meetings and other SIAM related activities. This fund is administered by SIAM and qualified individuals are encouraged to write directly to SIAM for guidelines.


    This work is dedicated to Jim Wilkinson whose ideas and spirit have given us inspiration and influenced the project at every turn.

    Authors' Affiliations:

    E. Anderson
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    Z. Bai
    University of Kentucky and
    University of California, Davis

    C. Bischof
    Institute of Scientific Computing, Technical University Aachen, Germany

    L. S. Blackford (formerly L. S. Ostrouchov)
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    J. Demmel
    University of California, Berkeley

    J. Dongarra
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville and
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    J. Du Croz
    Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd. (retired)

    A. Greenbaum
    University of Washington

    S. Hammarling
    Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd.

    A. McKenney

    D. Sorensen
    Rice University

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    Susan Blackford