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Geographical Distribution

Looking at the TOP500 systems installed we see a quite stable distribution over time in Fig. 2. There is a small trend for an increasing number of systems in the US and a decreasing number in Japan which might reflect the fact that Japan is still behind in the number of MPP and SMP installed, while the US is in the lead.

Figure 2:  The geographical distribution of the system counts over time.

Looking at the total installed performance in Fig. 3, we see that contrary to the number of systems seen in Fig. 2, Japan is well ahead of Europe. The increase in installed computing power was much bigger in Japan during the last 2 years than in Europe or even in the US. This reflects the fact that especially during 1993 and 1994 several very powerful VPP500 systems were installed in Japan all belonging to the TOP500 .

Figure 3:
 The geographical distribution of the performance over time.

If we now not only look where the systems are installed but where they are manufactured, we see in Table 3 that almost all systems located in the US were built in the US. In Japan, too, most systems come from Japanese manufacturers, but the share of US manufacturers is much higher there than vice versa. Still the market shares does not reflect the worldwide distribution. In contrast the European vendors are not dominating on their home market. Most of the systems installed in Europe are coming from US vendors. The share of Japanese systems is slightly lower compared to their world-wide average. Looking at the installed performance on Table 4, we get a similar picture with an even stronger dominance of the US and Japanese vendors on their home market.

Table 3:  Geographical distribution where systems are installed and where they are manufactured.

Table 4:  Geographical distribution of the accumulated performance showing where it is installed and where it is manufactured.

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