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Output of Example Program #1 Using MPI

When this example program is executed on a Sun Solaris architecture using MPICH (version 1.0.13) and the MPI BLACS, the following outputgif is received: 

sun4sol2> f77 -o example1 example1.f scalapack_SUN4SOL2.a \
          blacsF77init_MPI-SUN4SOL2-0.a blacs_MPI-SUN4SOL2-0.a \
          blacsF77init_MPI-SUN4SOL2-0.a blas_SUN4SOL2.a \
          $MPI_ROOT/lib/solaris/ch_p4/libmpi.a -lnsl -lsocket
 MAIN example1:
sun4sol2> mpirun -np 6 example1
ScaLAPACK Example Program #1 -- May 1, 1997
Solving Ax=b where A is a   9 by   9 matrix with a block size of   2
Running on   6 processes, where the process grid is   2 by   3
INFO code returned by PDGESV =   0
According to the normalized residual the solution is correct.
||A*x - b|| / ( ||x||*||A||*eps*N ) =   0.00000000E+00

Susan Blackford
Tue May 13 09:21:01 EDT 1997