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The complete ScaLAPACK package is freely available on netlib [60, 22, 23]  and can be obtained via the World Wide Web or anonymous ftp.

The ScaLAPACK homepage  can be accessed on the World Wide Web via the URL address:

Prebuilt ScaLAPACK and BLACS libraries     are available on netlib for a variety of architectures. Refer to the following URLs:

At the time of this writing, the e-mail addresses for netlib [22, 23] are
Both repositories provide electronic mail and anonymous ftp service (the site is available via anonymous ftp to The URL for netlib is  .

The following sites are mirror repositories :


General information about ScaLAPACK (and the PBLAS) can be obtained by contacting any of the URLs listed above. If additional information is desired, feel free to contact the authors at

The complete ScaLAPACK package, including test code and timing programs in four different data types, constitutes some 500,000 lines of Fortran and C source and comments.

Susan Blackford
Tue May 13 09:21:01 EDT 1997