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Wrong Results


Wrong results from ScaLAPACK routines are most often caused by incorrect usage. It is also possible that wrong results are caused by a bug outside of ScaLAPACK, in the compiler or in one of the library routines, such as the BLAS, the BLACS, or the underlying message-passing layer, that are linked with ScaLAPACK. Test suites are available for ScaLAPACK, the PBLAS, the BLACS, and the BLAS. The ScaLAPACK installation guide [24] or the BLACS installation guide should be consulted for descriptions of the tests and for advice on resolving problems.

A list of known problems, compiler errors, and bugs in ScaLAPACK routines is maintained on netlib; see Chapter 1.

Users who suspect they have found a new bug in a ScaLAPACK routine are encouraged to report it promptly to the developers as directed in Chapter 1. The bug report should include a test case, a description of the problem and expected results, and the actions, if any, that the user has already taken to fix the bug.

Susan Blackford
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