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Determine Whether Reasonable Performance Is Achieved

This chapter contains performance results for some ScaLAPACK drivers on a range of different platforms. We recommend that users compare their performance results against the ones presented in the previous tables. For those users whose computer is not listed, the BLAS timing program [3] and the message-passing benchmark program [46] can be used to estimate the values of tex2html_wrap_inline12088, tex2html_wrap_inline12208 and tex2html_wrap_inline12228 for a specific computer. gif The execution time can then be estimated by using the material presented in the previous section.

If this chapter does not contain performance data for the ScaLAPACK routine a user is using, we recommend verifying the performance with one of the drivers whose performance is presented in this chapter. The publicly available ScaLAPACK distribution contains timing programs for each driver. This performance sanity check should convince the user not only that the library has been correctly installed, but also that it is being used properly. Users may also send questions, suggestions, or comments regarding ScaLAPACK performance issues to

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