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PB_CVMinit.c File Reference
#include "../pblas.h"
#include "../PBpblas.h"
#include "../PBtools.h"
#include "../PBblacs.h"
#include "../PBblas.h"
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void PB_CVMinit (PB_VM_T *VM, int OFFD, int M, int N, int IMB1, int INB1, int MB, int NB, int MRROW, int MRCOL, int NPROW, int NPCOL, int LCMB)

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void PB_CVMinit ( PB_VM_T VM,
int  OFFD,
int  M,
int  N,
int  IMB1,
int  INB1,
int  MB,
int  NB,
int  MRROW,
int  MRCOL,
int  NPROW,
int  NPCOL,
int  LCMB 

Definition at line 24 of file PB_CVMinit.c.