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Digest for Wednesday, February 14, 2024

In this digest:

Survey on BLIS and related linear algebra software
Course: Numerical Methods for Environmental Modeling, Hybrid, May 2024
VAME 2024, Germany, May 2024
Workshop Honoring David S. Watkins's 75th Birthday, Belgium, May 2024
FEniCS 2024, Norway, Jun 2024
Advances in HPC Earth Sciences, Spain, Jul 2024
Numerical Software for Special Functions, UK, Jul 2024
Constructive Approximation and Applications, Italy, Sep 2024
Inverse Problems from Theory to Application, UK, Sep 2024
Faculty Position, Mathematics of Scientific ML, Univ of Twente, Netherlands
Research Assistant Position, WIAS Berlin, Germany
Postdoc Position, Claremont Graduate Univ, USA
Postdoc Position, Mathematics, Florida State Univ, USA
Postdoc Position, Numerical Methods for PDEs, Univ Vienna, Austria
Postdoc Positions, Computational Math/Numerical Methods, Paris, France
Postdoc/Doctoral Position, Helmut Schmidt Univ, Germany
PhD Position, Numerical Analysis, KTH, Sweden
PhD Position, WIAS Berlin, Germany
Contents, Constructive Approximation, 58 (3)
Contents, Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA), 59
Contents, Intl J Mathematics and Computer Science, 19 (3)
Contents, J Computations Analysis and Applications, 32 (1)
Contents, J Numerical Analysis and Approximation Theory, 52 (2)

Digest for Sunday, February 4, 2024

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2023 Babuska Prize Awarded
New Book, Error Norm Estimation in the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm
System Modeling and Optimization, Germany, Aug 2024
Faculty Position, Applied Math or Statistics, Koc Univ, Turkey
Postdoc Position, Modeling and Simulation, RICAM, Austria
PhD Position, Computational Medicine, Austria
PhD Position, Numerical Analysis, Germany
PhD Positions, Mathematical Sciences, Univ of Memphis, USA
Special Issue, MMOR, Mixed-Integer Multi-Agent Optimization
Contents, EECT Evolution Equations and Control Theory, 13 (2)

Digest for Wednesday, January 31, 2024

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Karl Strehmel (1934 - 2023)
New Book, IAHR Water Monograph Series
Fast and Stable Roots of Polynomials, ONLINE, Feb 2024
Functional Data Analysis, France, Mar 2024
Industrial SciML, USA Mar 2024
Midwest Numerical Analysis Day, USA, Apr 2024
Numerical Methods for Random Differential Models, Switzerland, Jun 2024
Deadline Extended, Symposium of Experimental Algorithms, Austria, Jul 2024
Gene Golub SIAM Summer School, Ecuador, Jul 2024
AIMMS-MOPTA Modeling Competition, USA, Aug 2024
Open-Rank Teaching Professor Position, Lehigh Univ, USA
Tenure-Track Position, Numerical Analysis, Pisa Univ, Italy
Assistant Professor Position, Scientific Computing, Ghent Univ, Belgium
Lecturer Position, Mathematics, Univ of Auckland, New Zealand
Visiting Professorship Positions, Mathematics, Univ Wuerzburg, Germany
Postdoc Position, Computational Mathematics,
Postdoc Position, Data Science, Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Postdoc Position, Fire Weather Prediction, Texas Tech Univ, USA
Postdoc Position. Mathematics, Univ of Houston, USA
Postdoc Positions, Computational/Natural Sciences, Univ of Oslo, Norway
PhD Position, Low Rank Approx for Tensor Modeling, Inria Sophia Antipolis
PhD Position, Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
PhD Position, Numerical Analysis, Univ College London, UK
PhD Positions, Mathematics, Khalifa Univ of Science and Technology, UAE
PhD Positions, Neural Tensor Train Networks, KU Leuven/UCLouvain
REU Positions, Big Data with HPC, ONLINE, Jun-Aug 2024
Contents, EECT Evolution Equations and Control Theory, 13 (1)
Contents, J Computational Mathematics, 42 (1)

Digest for Monday, January 22, 2024

In this digest:

Nick Higham (1961--2024)
Derivatives of B-Spline Curves with Respect to Values of the Knots
New Book, Rough Volatility
Power of Diversity in UQ, Italy, Feb 2024
Sparsity and Singular Structures, Germany, Feb 2024
Rising Stars in Computational and Data Sciences, USA, Apr 2024
ALAMA Meeting, Spain, Jun 2024
Comp Methods in Applied Mathematics, Germany, Jun 2024
Computational Tools for PDEs, USA, Jun 2024
European Finite Element Fair, UK, Jun 2024
Medical Ultrasound Tomography, The Netherlands, Jun 2024
Numerical Methods for Scientific Computations, Bulgaria, Jun 2024
PDESoft 2024, UK, Jul 2024
Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications, USA, Aug 2024
UQ for Inverse Problems and Imaging, UK, Sep 2024
Computational Mathematician Position, Cambridge, UK
Associate Professor Position, Comp Mechanics, Durham Univ, UK
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor Positions, Monash Univ
Postdoc Position, George Mason Univ, USA
Postdoc Position, Numerical Analysis, Univ of Bonn, Germany
Postdoc Position, Numerical Linear Algebra, Charles Univ, Czech Rep
Postdoc Position, Statistical Mechanics of Nonequilibrium Processes, UK
Postdoc Position, Univ of Santiago de Chile, Chile
Postdoc Positions, CNR-IMATI Pavia, Itlay
PhD Position, Computational Mathematics, Univ of Stuttgart
PhD Position, Tensor Compression for ML Models, KU Leuven
PhD Positions, Chalmers & Univ of Gothenburg, Sweden
PhD Positions, Math Analysis, Modelling, and Apps, Italy
PhD Positions, Mathematics, Khalifa Univ of Science and Technology
Contents, Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics, 1
Contents, J Applied and Numerical Analysis (JANA), 1

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