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  1. The specifications that follow give the calling sequence, purpose, and descriptions of the arguments of each LAPACK driver and computational routine (but not of auxiliary routines).

  2. Specifications of pairs of real and complex routines have been merged (for example SBDSQR/CBDSQR). In a few cases, specifications of three routines have been merged, one for real symmetric, one for complex symmetric, and one for complex Hermitian matrices (for example SSYTRF/CSYTRF/CHETRF). A few routines for real matrices have no complex equivalent (for example SSTEBZ).

  3. Specifications are given only for single precision routines. To adapt them for the double precision version of the software, simply interpret REAL as DOUBLE PRECISION, COMPLEX as COMPLEX*16 (or DOUBLE COMPLEX), and the initial letters S- and C- of LAPACK routine names as D- and Z-.

  4. Specifications are arranged in alphabetical order of the real routine name.

  5. The text of the specifications has been derived from the leading comments in the source-text of the routines. It makes only a limited use of mathematical typesetting facilities. To eliminate redundancy, has been used throughout the specifications. Thus, the reader should note that is equivalent to in the real case.

  6. If there is a discrepancy between the specifications listed in this section and the actual source code, the source code should be regarded as the most up-to-date.

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