LAPACK 3.12.0
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Generalized eig computational routines
Collaboration diagram for Generalized eig computational routines:


 ggbal: balance matrix
 gghrd: reduction to Hessenberg
 gghd3: reduction to Hessenberg, level 3
 hgeqz: generalized Hessenberg eig
 ggbak: back-transform eigvec
 tgsen: reorder generalized Schur form
 tgsna: reciprocal cond est
 tgsyl: Sylvester equation
 tgsy2: Sylvester equation panel (?)
 {un,or}m22: multiply by banded Q, step in gghd3
 lagv2: 2x2 generalized Schur factor
 tgevc: eigvec of pair of matrices
 tgexc: reorder generalized Schur form
 tgex2: reorder generalized Schur form

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