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Re: 3.3.12 / help needed

Hi Clint!  OK, I'm trying runs on some of the Debian machines:

ultrasparc II
(maybe even m68k!)

Cannot seem to get ahold of any mips or mips-el machines, even though
Debian will ship on them at next release.

Quite a few machine detection issues thus far.

Take care,

R Clint Whaley <rwhaley@cs.utk.edu> writes:

> Guys,
> I have just finished uploading 3.3.12 on SourceForge.  This guy fixes errors.
> Anybody who is using threaded developer BLAS needs to upgrade due to a bug
> in the threaded SYMM.
> The tarfile now includes ATLAS/doc/atlas_devel.ps, which includes a chapter
> on how to run Antoine's tester scripts, which are now available on SourceForge
> under "Tester" (get 1.0.1 release, not 1.0.0).
> If you want to contribute to the stable release, now is the time to do so.
> I start school in January, and a good deal of this month I will not be able
> to work (I move this weekend, and who knows how long it will be until I
> have internet access again after that, and then family stuff, etc).  If the
> stable is not out before I start school, it probably will not get out until
> next summer at the earliest.
> So, if you have access to a machine, you can help the project by scoping the
> section on testing, and doing some . . .  The chapter has some explanation
> about how to track down an error if one crops up (ruling out errors in other
> routines, etc), and it is important that some of that is done as well.
> I am presently testing on these archs:
>    Linux_ATHLON
>    Linux_PPRO_2
>    Linux_21164
>    Linux_P4SSE2
>    OSF1_21264_2
> Right now I'm getting seg faults when using GOTO's stuff, so that may wind
> up not making it into this stable . . .
> If you have access to a several machines, I expect Sun's and IA64 might be
> particularly interesting . . .
> If you are going to do some testing, let me know what platform you are working
> on, to avoid work duplication.  If I actually get some help here, at some
> point I'll post a list on sourceforge somewhere to make coordination
> easier . . .
> Regards,
> Clint

Camm Maguire			     			camm@enhanced.com
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