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3.3.12 / help needed


I have just finished uploading 3.3.12 on SourceForge.  This guy fixes errors.
Anybody who is using threaded developer BLAS needs to upgrade due to a bug
in the threaded SYMM.

The tarfile now includes ATLAS/doc/atlas_devel.ps, which includes a chapter
on how to run Antoine's tester scripts, which are now available on SourceForge
under "Tester" (get 1.0.1 release, not 1.0.0).

If you want to contribute to the stable release, now is the time to do so.
I start school in January, and a good deal of this month I will not be able
to work (I move this weekend, and who knows how long it will be until I
have internet access again after that, and then family stuff, etc).  If the
stable is not out before I start school, it probably will not get out until
next summer at the earliest.

So, if you have access to a machine, you can help the project by scoping the
section on testing, and doing some . . .  The chapter has some explanation
about how to track down an error if one crops up (ruling out errors in other
routines, etc), and it is important that some of that is done as well.

I am presently testing on these archs:

Right now I'm getting seg faults when using GOTO's stuff, so that may wind
up not making it into this stable . . .

If you have access to a several machines, I expect Sun's and IA64 might be
particularly interesting . . .

If you are going to do some testing, let me know what platform you are working
on, to avoid work duplication.  If I actually get some help here, at some
point I'll post a list on sourceforge somewhere to make coordination
easier . . .