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Re: Altivec matmul kernel (attachment)

Greetings, and thanks for your reply.  That works!  A few questions:

1) Any complex support yet?
2) Does altivec have any double precision support, a la SSE2
2.5) Any l2/l1 code?
3) Have you successfully build the full lib using this?
4) The gcc/as situation is indeed bad.  I've confirmed that the latest
standard binutils can't assemble these instructions yet.  Therefore, to
build on Debian, at least the patched binutils needs to be packaged
and accepted as an option for powerpc before atlas can be built there
with this kernel.  

Take care,

Nicholas Coult <coult@augsburg.edu> writes:

> Hi,
> Sorry I'm having some email troubles just now.  But I see your message 
> regarding the patched gcc in the developer mail archive.   The problem 
> is that you need to add the flag '-fvec' to the gcc command-line flags.  
> This enables the altivec extensions in gcc.  (I might be wrong about 
> -fvec; it might be -fvector or -faltivec, but in any case you need to 
> explicitly turn on the altivec features).
> -Nick
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