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Re: config help


  Here is what I get out FreeBSD on an Athlon. I could not find the cache

> sysctl -n hw.model
AMD-K7(tm) Processor
> uname -s
> sysctl -n hw.ncpu

  By default, the F77 compiler is /usr/bin/f77 which is g77, but there
is no /usr/bin/g77 in the standard path.


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On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, R Clint Whaley wrote:

> Guys,
> I'm updating config, and I've had a request to add support for FreeBSD,
> which, unfortunately, I have no direct access to.  Config doesn't need 
> all this info, but the install is smoother if I can gain access to this
> info:
>     CPU type (specific, like PentiumIII, not general like i586)
>     L1 Cache size
>     L2 Cache size
>     Number of CPUs
> I've been told that the command 'sysctl hw' or 'sysctl' returns a bunch
> of info on things like this.  Can anyone who has access to FreeBSD send
> me some full listings of this command (or another if there's one that works)
> on all available machines?
> If anyone knows how to get this information out of Windows using the command-
> line, I'd like to hear about it too.
> Finally, if your favorite OS is not known to and/or well-handled by config
> and you can supply some info, now is the time . . .
> Thanks,
> Clint