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config help


I'm updating config, and I've had a request to add support for FreeBSD,
which, unfortunately, I have no direct access to.  Config doesn't need 
all this info, but the install is smoother if I can gain access to this
    CPU type (specific, like PentiumIII, not general like i586)
    L1 Cache size
    L2 Cache size
    Number of CPUs

I've been told that the command 'sysctl hw' or 'sysctl' returns a bunch
of info on things like this.  Can anyone who has access to FreeBSD send
me some full listings of this command (or another if there's one that works)
on all available machines?

If anyone knows how to get this information out of Windows using the command-
line, I'd like to hear about it too.

Finally, if your favorite OS is not known to and/or well-handled by config
and you can supply some info, now is the time . . .