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release for SC00


Just a note that we are praying that the stars are in alignment for a Nov.
5th release date for the next release of ATLAS.

Right now, I am working on allowing user contributed kernels to do cleanup
for matmul, and allowing user contributed kernels to mandate a particular
compiler/set of flags.  Antoine is finishing up the pthread work for SMP

All this just to let you know if you are holding onto some user contribution,
you may want to cough it up ASAP, so we can get it in the official release.
Doug, in particular, I know you had a SSE kernel for SGEMM that you didn't
send in 'cause you didn't like it's performance, but it beats the heck out
of what ATLAS has now, so I'd really like to see it.  The next release of
ATLAS will support larger block factors, as well as user-supplied cleanup,
so this might make things look a little better, performance-wise . . .

We'll try to be as quick as possible about getting developer releases out
with the latest and greatest; I am waiting on getting at least some support
for user cleanup in before incorperating Camm's Level 2 SSE and Peter's
UltraSparc stuff . . .