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Re: C interface to Lapack


Thank you both, David and Clint.  I'll try it out and let you what I find.

Thanks much,

- Andy

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, David Bindel wrote:

[ > I have good news.  They are presently working on CLAPACK 3.0, and I was
[ > asked for recommendations, so of course I recommended having standard
[ > wrapper library around the f2c'd blas interface which calls the 
[ > appropriate cblas_ routine.  The guy doing the CLAPACK implementation
[ > thought it was a good idea, and has implemented it.  I CC him on this
[ > reply; perhaps he can give you an idea of the status of the project
[ > (it may be out for all I know) . . .
[ It's not out yet (I still have a little testing to do, and I'm in
[ middle-of-semester crunch), but I don't see any reason not to send the
[ wrappers your way.  I've tested them out with CLAPACK/ATLAS, and it all
[ seems to work okay.  You can grab the tarball of the wrappers at
[    www.cs.berkeley.edu/~dbindel/blaswrap.tar
[ These will indeed be integrated (already have been) into CLAPACK 3.0.
[ David
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