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Re: C interface to Lapack

> I have good news.  They are presently working on CLAPACK 3.0, and I was
> asked for recommendations, so of course I recommended having standard
> wrapper library around the f2c'd blas interface which calls the 
> appropriate cblas_ routine.  The guy doing the CLAPACK implementation
> thought it was a good idea, and has implemented it.  I CC him on this
> reply; perhaps he can give you an idea of the status of the project
> (it may be out for all I know) . . .

It's not out yet (I still have a little testing to do, and I'm in
middle-of-semester crunch), but I don't see any reason not to send the
wrappers your way.  I've tested them out with CLAPACK/ATLAS, and it all
seems to work okay.  You can grab the tarball of the wrappers at


These will indeed be integrated (already have been) into CLAPACK 3.0.


David Bindel
CS grad student
(510) 643-6763