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file	na1
for	avoiding breakdown and near-breakdown in Lanczos type algorithms
by	Brezinski, Sadok, Zaglia
ref	Numerical Algorithms 1(1991) 261-284
lang	Fortran

file	na2
for	B-nets of box splines on three- and four-directional meshes
by	M.-J. Lai
ref	Numerical Algorithms 2 (1992) 33-38
lang	Fortran

file	na3
for	recurrence relations of biorthogonality
by	Zelia Da Rocha
ref	Numerical Algorithms 3 (1992) 173-183
lang	Mathematica2.0

file	na4-matlab7.tgz
for	regularization of discrete ill-posed problems
by	P. C. Hansen
ref	Numerical Algorithms 46,189-194

file	na4-matlab5
for	Matlab4 variant of numeralgo/na4
ref	Numerical Algorithms 6,1-35
lang	Matlab5, PostScript
size	1.1 MB

file	na4-matlab4
for	Matlab4 variant of numeralgo/na4

file	na5
for	near-breakdown in CGS
by	Brezinski and Zaglia
ref	Numerical Algorithms 7, 33-73
size	235 kB

file	na6
for	integration of infinite oscillating tails
by	Espelid and Overholt
ref	Numerical Algorithms 8, 83-101

file	na7
for	integrations of singular functions over hyperrectangle
by	Espelid and Genz
ref	Numerical Algorithms 8, 201-220

file	na8
for	L_2 reduced-order model problem with fixed denominator degree
by	Krajewski, Lepschy, Redivo-Zaglia, Viaro
ref	Numerical Algorithms 9, 355-377
lang	Matlab

file	na9
for	sin and cos integrals
by	Macleod
alg	rational approximation
ref	Numerical Algorithms 12, 259-272

file	na10
for	polynomial zeros
by	Bini
alg	Aberth's method
ref	Numerical Algorithms 13, 179-200

file	na11
for	box-splines
by	Kobbelt
lang	Matlab
ref	Numerical Algorithms 14, 377-382

file	na12
for	queuing problems
by	Bini and Meini
alg	cyclic reduction
lang	Fortran90
ref	Numerical Algorithms 15, 57-74

file	na13
for	linear-time Legendre transform
by	Yves Lucet
lang	Matlab
ref	Numerical Algorithms 16, 171-185

file	na14.tgz
for	finite elements
by	J. Alberty, C. Carstensen and S. A. Funken
ref	Numerical Algorithms 20 (1999), 117-137   
lang	Matlab 5

file	na15.tgz
for	Shohat-Favard and Chebychev's methods in d-orthogonality
by	Zelia da Rocha
ref	Numerical Algorithms 20 (1999), 139-164
lang	Mathematica 3.0

file	na16.tgz
by	Ricardo D. Fierro, Per Christian Hansen, Peter S.K. Hansen
for	rank-revealing UTV decompositions
ref	Numerical Algorithms 20 (1999), 165-196
lang	Matlab 7.0

file	na17.tgz
by	M. Morandi Cecchi, S. De Marchi, D. Fasoli
for	representing C^1 interpolating surfaces; lagoon of Venice's bed 
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 20 (1999), 197-215

file	na18
for	sparse eigenproblems
alg	variable block Davidson method with deflation
by	M. Sadkane, R.B. Sidje
ref	Numerical Algorithms 20 (1999), 217-240 
lang	Fortran77
size	772 kB

file	na19
for	ODE initial value problem
alg	sinc indefinite integration, Newton
by	F. Stenger, S.-A. Gustafson, B. Keys, M. O'Reilly, K. Parker
ref	Numerical Algorithms 20 (1999), PP. 241-268
lang	Fortran77

file	na20.tgz
for	multiprecision polynomial rootfinder
by	Bini, Fiorentino
ref	Numerical Algorithms 23 (2000) 127-173
lang	C

file	na21.tgz
for	adaptive monotone rational approximation on finite sets
by	E. H. Kaufman, Jr., D. J. Leeming, G. D. Taylor
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 32 (2003) 1-12
lang	Fortran77

file	na22.tgz
for	UTV Expansion Pack: rank-revealing algorithms
by	Ricardo D. Fierro, Per Christian Hansen
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 40 (2005) 47-66
lang	Matlab 7.0

file	na23.tgz
for	Bezier net of a trivariate four-direction Box-spline
alg	mixed directional difference-summation
by	G. Casciola, E. Franchini, L. Romani.
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 43 (2006), pp. 75-98
lang	Matlab 7.x

file	na24.tgz
for	Fast Moreau Envelope computation
by	Yves Lucet
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 43 (2006), 235-249
lang	Scilab 4.0

file	na25.tgz
for	curve intersection by simultaneous iterations
by	Dario A. Bini, Ana Marco
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 43 (2006), 151-175
lang	Fortran 95

file	na26.tgz
for	Restarted block Lanczos bidiagonalization methods
by	James Baglama, Lothar Reichel
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 43 (2006), 251-272
lang	MATLAB 6.5-7.2

for	total variation image reconstruction via first-order methods
by	J. Dahl, P. C. Hansen, S. H. Jensen, T. L. Jensen
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 53 (2010), 67-92
lang	C and MATLAB 7.5 (or later)

file	na29.tgz
for	Padua2DM fast interpolation and cubature at the Padua points in Matlab/Octave
by	Marco Caliari, Stefano de Marchi, Alvise Sommariva, Marco Vianello
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 56 (2011), 45-60
lang	MATLAB 7.6 and Octave 3.2 

for	smt: a Matlab toolbox for structured matrices.
by	Michela Redivo-Zaglia, Giuseppe Rodriguez
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 59 (2012), 639-659
lang	MATLAB 7.10

file	na31.tgz
for	linear systems with displacement structure
by	Antonio Arico', Giuseppe Rodriguez
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 55 (2010), 529-556
lang	MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b) and C 

file	na32.tgz
for	subquadrature expansions for TSRK methods
by	A. Kvaernoe, J. H. Verner
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 59 (2012), 487-504
lang	MAPLE 14.0
aka	TSRK.tgz

for	range restricted iterative methods for linear discrete ill-posed problems
by	Arthur Neuman, Lothar Reichel, Hassane Sadok
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 59 (2012) 325-331
lang	MATLAB 7.11

for	Connection coefficients for orthogonal polynomials
by	Pascal Maroni, Zelia da Rocha
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 63-3 (2013), pp. 507-520
lang	Mathematica 8

for	nonnegative image restoration by Newton projection
by	Germana Landi, Elena Loli Piccolomini
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 62 (2013) 487-504
lang	MATLAB 7.6

for	meshless finite difference method
by	Slawomir Milewski
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 63 (2013) 107-126
lang	MATLAB 7.7

for	real laplace transform inversion
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 63 (2013) 187-211,571-571
lang	C90
aka	ReLaTive

for	adaptive 2D-BEM
by Aurada,Ebner,Feischl,Fuehrer,Goldenits,Mayr,Praetorius,Ferraz-Leite,Karkulik
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 67 (2014) 1-32
lang	MATLAB 7.4

for	quadrature for high-dimensional singular integrands on simplices
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 70 (2015) 847-874
lang	MATLAB 7.9 R2009b

for	space-time discretization of the heat equation
by	Roman Andreev
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 67 (2014) 713-731
lang	MATLAB 8.0

for	CMRH dense linear systems
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 71 (2016) 383-394
lang	Fortran90, MATLAB 8.0 R2012b

for	systems of polynomial equations
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 71 (2016) 229-244
lang	MATLAB R2012b
aka	BertiniLab

for	infeasible interior-point algorithm for linear programming
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 74 (2017) 967-996
aka	CurveLP-A

for	topological epsilon-algorithms
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 74 (2017) 1237-1260
lang	MATLAB 2010b and 2016a

for	virtual element method
by	Oliver Sutton
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 75 (2017) 1141-1159
lang	MATLAB 9.1