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Speed in megaflops of Level 2 and Level 3 BLAS operations on a CRAY Y-MP

(all matrices are of order 500; U is upper triangular)

Level 1 BLAS [35]
: for vector operations, such as

Level 2 BLAS [18]
: for matrix-vector operations, such as

Level 3 BLAS [16]
: for matrix-matrix operations, such as

Here, A, B and C are matrices, x and y are vectors, and and are scalars.

and equating coefficients of the column, we obtain:

Hence, if has already been computed, we can compute and from the equations:

Here is the body of the code of the LINPACK routine SPOFA, which implements the above method:

         DO 30 J = 1, N
            INFO = J
            S = 0.0E0
            JM1 = J - 1
            IF (JM1 .LT. 1) GO TO 20
            DO 10 K = 1, JM1
               T = A(K,J) - SDOT(K-1,A(1,K),1,A(1,J),1)
               T = T/A(K,K)
               A(K,J) = T
               S = S + T*T
   10       CONTINUE
   20       CONTINUE
            S = A(J,J) - S
C     ......EXIT
            IF (S .LE. 0.0E0) GO TO 40
            A(J,J) = SQRT(S)
   30    CONTINUE

    DO 10 J = 1, N
       CALL STRSV( 'Upper', 'Transpose', 'Non-unit', J-1, A, LDA,
   $               A(1,J), 1 )
       S = A(J,J) - SDOT( J-1, A(1,J), 1, A(1,J), 1 )
       IF( S.LE.ZERO ) GO TO 20
       A(J,J) = SQRT( S )

To derive a block form of Cholesky factorization, we write the defining equation in partitioned form thus:

Equating submatrices in the second block of columns, we obtain:

Hence, if has already been computed, we can compute as the solution to the equation

by a call to the Level 3 BLAS routine STRSM; and then we can compute from

Speed in megaflops of Cholesky factorization for n = 500

   DO 10 J = 1, N, NB
      JB = MIN( NB, N-J+1 )
      CALL STRSM( 'Left', 'Upper', 'Transpose', 'Non-unit', J-1, JB,
  $               ONE, A, LDA, A(1,J), LDA )
      CALL SSYRK( 'Upper', 'Transpose', JB, J-1, -ONE, A(1,J), LDA,
  $               ONE, A(J,J), LDA )
      CALL SPOTF2( 'Upper', JB, A(J,J), LDA, INFO )
      IF( INFO.NE.0 ) GO TO 20

This code runs at 49 megaflops on a 3090, more than double the speed of the LINPACK code. On a CRAY Y-MP, the use of Level 3 BLAS squeezes a little more performance out of one processor, but makes a large improvement when using all 8 processors.

Speed in megaflops of SGETRF/DGETRF for square matrices of order n

Speed in megaflops of SPOTRF/DPOTRF for matrices of order n with UPLO = `U'

Speed in megaflops of SSYTRF for matrices of order n with UPLO = `U' on a CRAY-2

Speed in megaflops of SGEQRF/DGEQRF for square matrices of order n

Slide 65 of SIAM Tutorial, Jack Dongarra UT/ORNL. (Updated 01/31/95)