AccessWatch Analysis
Jack Dongarra's Site
Period from November 22, 2022 at 5 am
to November 28, 2022 at 4 pm

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During this period, there were 24786 accesses and 44508 hits. Each visitor viewed an average of 2.9 pages and downloaded 817.7 kilobytes. Hosts visited Jack Dongarra's Site an average of 2.8 times, for a total of 8650 unique visits by 3141 unique hosts.

There were 55.8 visits per hour, and a sustained rate of 287.1 hits per hour.

Of these visits, (0.0%) originated from ORNL/ICL/EECS, and 8650 (100.0%) were from outside networks.

Jack Dongarra's Site served 6907.6 megabytes of information during this time period.

Count% of total
Accesses from ORNL/ICL/EECS 0 0.0% *
Outside Accesses 24786 100.0% *****************
Total Accesses 24786100% *****************
Total hits on site 44508

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