Location-Independent Naming for Virtual <BR>Distributed Software Repositories

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Location-Independent Naming for Virtual
Distributed Software Repositories

Shirley Brownegif, Jack Dongarra, Stan Green, Keith Moore
Theresa Pepin, Tom Rowan, and Reed Wade
University of Tennessee
Eric Grosse
AT& Bell Laboratories

November 11, 1994


A location-independent naming architecture for network resources has been designed to facilitate organization and description of software components accessible through a virtual distributed repository. This naming scheme enables easy and efficient searching and retrieval, and it addresses many of the consistency, authenticity, and integrity issues involved with distributed software repositories by providing mechanisms for grouping resources and for authenticity and integrity checking. This paper details the design of the naming scheme, decribes a prototype implementation of some of the capabilities, and describes how the scheme fits into the development of the National Software Exchange, a virtual software repository that has the goal of providing access to reusable software components for high-performance computing.

Jack Dongarra
Mon Jan 30 10:42:57 EST 1995