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Iterative methods
CG-stab, BiCG, CGNR and CGNE, CGS, BiCGstab, GMRES, TFQMR, templates version of CGS, templates version of GMRES, Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, SOR, Orthomin
Identity, ILU(s), MILU(s,r), ILUT(s,t), SSORtex2html_wrap_inline1029, TRID(s), ILU0, ECIMGS; where s is the number of levels of fill, r is the relaxation parameter [1], t is the drop tolerance.
Data structures
Compressed Sparse Row
26 pages
Example codes
Driver program that read a Harwell-Boeing matrix and solves a problem with it.

Victor Eijkhout
Mon Aug 25 17:46:10 PDT 1997