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Iterative methods
Richardson, Chebyshev, CG, GMRES, TCQMR, BCGS, CGS, TFQMR, CR, LSQR
Identity, Jacobi, Block Jacobi, Block Gauss-Seidel (only sequential), SOR and SSOR, IC and ILU (sequential only?), Additive Schwarz, full factorisation (sequential only), user supplied.
Data structures
Internal, elements passed through function calls.
Access operations on the data structure
Function calls yielding the internal arrays of matrices and vectors, matrix rows and the matrix diagonal; other statistics.
Operations using the data structure
Vector-vector and matrix-vector operations; creation and application of preconditioners, linear and nonlinear system solvers.

Users manual, 196 pages; the manual and the man pages are also available in html format.
Example codes

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