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Iterative methods
Richardson, CG, CG with Neuman polynomial preconditioning, BiCG, BiCG with restart, Lanczos / Orthores, CGS, BiCGstab, BiCGstab2, BiCGstabtex2html_wrap_inline1013, QMR, TFQMR, truncated OrthoMin and OrthoRes, Incomplete Orthogonalisation, GMRES: restarted, restarted with Householder reflections, and nested restarted GMRESR; CGNE and CGNR, LSQR and LSQE.
Richardson and Jacobi
Data structures
Regular Grid Stencil storage supported; also data structure free mode by passing product and solve routines, or through reverse communication.
Reference manual, 64 pages; also Getting Started manual, Examples manual, and guide to the XPCG Xwindows front end.
Example codes

Victor Eijkhout
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