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Software and Documents

The Netlib repository contains a large collection of high-quality public-domain mathematical software. In addition, the repository contains other material of interest to the scientific computing community, including software documentation, test data, technical papers, and reports. Most of the software is written in Fortran, but programs in other languages, such as C and C++, are also available. Netlib supports dependency checking for Fortran software, so that all of the routines a particular Fortran routine depends on (i.e., calls) can be retrieved with it.

The software is organized as a Unix directory tree. The subdirectories under the Netlib root are called libraries. Each library contains an index file describing the library contents, namely the files for the individual routines and any subdirectories the library may have. Software routines from a variety of sources are currently available from Netlib. Some of the libraries Netlib distributes - such as EISPACK, LINPACK, FFTPACK, LAPACK, algorithms from the ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, and algorithms from the book by Forsythe, Malcolm, and Moler [7] - have long been used as important tools in scientific computation and are widely recognized to be of high quality. The Netlib collection also includes a large number of newer, less well-established codes.

To submit software or documents for inclusion in the Netlib repository, follow the guidelines in /netlib/misc/contrib, which you can obtain either by email as follows:

        send contrib from misc

or by opening

using your favorite World Wide Web browser, such as Mosaic or Lynx, or by downloading the contrib file from the misc library using the Xnetlib client. Send your submission to the following address:
or, even better, send directly to the editor listed in the relevant Netlib index file covering your area.

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