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Since MPICH is portable, it has no built-in debugging support. For some devices, it is possible to start the root process under a debugger, or to start the entire application under a parallel debugger. The best debugging option for MPICH is the Totalview debugger [8], a commercial product from Dolphin Interconnect Solutions that is one of the best parallel debuggers available. Totalview has a good GUI with an intuitive ``dive'' feature and a coherent approach to debugging parallel programs. It is integrated with MPICH (the ch_p4, ch_shmem, and ch_lfshmem devices), understands MPI communicators and MPI message queues and ``captures'' MPI processes as they start. Totalview runs on IBM RS6000, Sun and Digital platforms. By the end of 1997 it is expected to run on SGI R10000 platforms as well.

Jack Dongarra
Sun Nov 9 14:03:51 EST 1997