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Prospero Resource Manager (PRM)


supports allocation of processing resources in large
distributed systems

The Prospero Resource Manager (PRM) supports the allocation of
processing resources in large distributed systems, enabling users to run
sequential and parallel applications on processors connected by local or
wide-area networks. PRM has been developed as part of the Distributed
Virtual Systems Project at the Information Sciences Institute of the University
of Southern California.

PRM enables users to run sequential or parallel jobs on a network of
workstations. Sequential jobs may be off loaded to lightly loaded workstations
while parallel jobs can make use of a collection of workstations. PRM
supports the message passing libraries CMMD and a PVM interface
(V3.3.5). PRM also supports terminal and file I/O activity by its tasks, such
as keyboard input, printing to a terminal or access to files that may be on a
filesystem not mounted by the host on which the task is running. Further
more, the components of an application may span multiple administrative
domains and hardware platforms, without imposing the responsibility of
mapping individual components to nodes on the user.

resource allocation; heterogeneous network; job scheduling