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SSIIM (3D water and sediment flow)


SSIIM is an abbreviation for Sediment Simulation In Intakes with
Multiblock option. The program is made for use in
River/Environmental/Hydraulic/Sedimentation Engineering. The main
motivation for the program is to simulate the sediment movements in
general river/channel geometries. This has shown to be difficult to do
in physical model studies for fine sediments.

The program solves the Navier-Stokes equations with the k-epsilon model
on a three-dimensional almost general non-orthogonal grid. The grid is
structured. A control volume method is used for the discretization,
together with the power-law scheme or the second order upwind scheme.
The SIMPLE method is used for the pressure coupling. The solution is
implicit, also over the boundary of the different blocks. This gives the
velocity field in the geometry. The velocities are used when solving the
convection-diffusion equations for different sediment sizes. This gives
trap efficiency and sediment deposition pattern.

The model has a user interface with capabilities of presenting graphical
plots of velocity vectors and scalar variables. The plots show a
two-dimensional view of the three- dimensional grid. Three plots showing
the geometry from above, in a cross-section and in a longitudinal
profile are available. In addition it is possible to simulate particle
animation for visualization purposes.

The program runs only under OS/2 2.x.

simulation; data visualization; environmental science;
application program

Nils Reidar Olsen / Nils.R.Olsen@nhl.sintef.no