Harwell-Boeing Sparse Matrix Collection

BCSSTRUC5: BCS Structural Engineering Matrices (large eigenvalue problems)

Source: Boeing Computer Services
Discipline: Structural engineering
Accession: Spring 1986

These matrices were extracted from the MCS/NASTRAN or Boeing ATLAS structural engineering programs by Randy Cigel, Roger Grimes, John Lewis, and Ed Meyer. These are five very large problems encountered in detailed modelling of structures. Because of their size only the matrix patterns have been included in the collection. Given just cause and a willingness to deal with matrices with over 300,000 entries in the lower triangle the numerical values can be obtained from either Roger Grimes or John Lewis. The first problem is from a generalized symmetric eigenvalue problem; the pattern of the associated differential stiffness matrix is a subset of the pattern of the stiffness matrix.

Matrices in this set

BCSSTK29 : buckling model of the 767 rear bulkhead - pattern, 13992 x 13992, 316740 nonzeros
BCSSTK30 : off-shore generator platform (msc nastran) - pattern, 28924 x 28924, 1036208 nonzeros
BCSSTK31 : automobile component (msc nastran) - pattern only, 35588 x 35588, 608502 nonzeros
BCSSTK32 : automobile chassis (msc nastran) - pattern only, 44609 x 44609, 1029655 nonzeros
BCSSTK33 : pin boss (auto steering component), solid elements, 8738 x 8738, 300321 nonzeros

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