Re: Unpack LAPACK C++ from MS-DOS or WINDOWS95

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Posted by Paul McMahan on July 05, 1997 at 17:43:45:

In Reply to: Unpack LAPACK C++ from MS-DOS or WINDOWS95 posted by Pascal MARCEAU on July 04, 1997 at 11:41:14:

: Hello, I've downloaded LAPACK C++.
: Now, I have a named file LAPACK%2.SHA.
: When I edit this file, the first 3 lines are :
: #!/bin/sh
: # This is a shell archive (produced by shar 3.49)
: # To extract the files from this archive, save it to a file, remove
: # everything above the "!/bin/sh" line above, and type "sh file_name".

: Thus, from de MS-DOS prompt, I do :
: C:\sh lapack%2.sha
: and MS-DOS answers :
: Bad command or filename

: Could you help me?
: Thank you.


The file that you downloaded is a shar file. Shar files are
files which are usually created on UNIX systems to bundle
several files together. DOS or Windows don't come with any
utilities to unbundle (unshar) these files, so you might need to
download and compile a copy of unshar.c from

If this is not an attractive option for you then I've made a
copy of the files archived in zip format which you probably
already have a utility to extract (pkunzip or winzip). If you
don't then you can download an excellent utility at The zip file that I created for you is
available at the url :

hope this helps,
Paul McMahan
Netlib Group

p.s. if you use pkzip to extract the file that I created then
be sure to use the "-d" flag so the directories will be
automatically created.

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