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Californa Tech
Caltech - CS 1/2/3. Introduction to Sequential and Parallel Programming.
Caltech - CS 284. Structured Programming for Multiprocessors.
Caltech CS141 - Distributed Computation

Columbia University
CS W3261x Computability and Models of Computation

Cornell University
Cornell - CS444 Distributed Systems and Algorithms
Cornell - CS621 Matrix Computations
Cornell - CS681 The Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Cornell - CS787 Structure in Chemistry and Molecular Biology
Cornell - CS222 Introduction to Scientific Computation
Cornell - CS522 Software Tools for Computational Science
Cornell - CS515 Distributed Systems
Cornell - CS614 Advanced Systems
Cornell - CS622 Numerical Optimization
Cornell - CS682 Theory of Computation

Dartmouth University
Dartmouth - Algorithms and Data Structures
Dartmouth - Numerical Linear Algebra
Dartmouth  - Computer Architecture
Dartmoth - Programming and Computing Systems I

Duke University
Duke University - CPS 220 Computer Systems Organization

Georgia Tech
GATECH - Parallel Computer Architecture - CS6760/EE6760

George Mason University
GMU - CSI 603 Scientific Programming I
GMU - CSI 604 Scientific Programming II
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT - 6.892 Theory of Parallel Systems with Charles Leiserson
MIT - 6.846 Parallel Processing: Systems Architecture and Applications with Anant Agerwal. A hardware oriented course.
MIT - 18.337, Parallel Scientific Computing, Spring 1996. Taught by Alan Edelman.
North Carolina State University
NCSU - MA 673 Parallel Algorithms and Scientific Computation

Stanford University
Stanford - CS 339: Parallel Methods in Numerical Analysis

Syracuse University
Syracuse University - CPS 616 Computational Science for Information Applications
Syracuse Uinversity - CPS 714 Case Studies in Information Applications
Syracuse University - CPS 615 Computational Science for Simulation Applications
Syracuse University - CPS 713 Case Studies in Simulation Applications

University of California at Berkeley
UCB - CS267   Applications of Parallel Computers
UCB - CS294-8 / Chem 231A, Computational Biology and Chemistry, Spring 1996
UCB - CS258, Parallel Computer Architecture, Spring 1995. Taught by David Culler.
UCB - CS294, Multiprocessor Networks, Fall 1994. Taught by Eric Brewer.
UCB - CS294, Computer Architecture, Fall 1994. Taught by Dave Patterson.

University of Carolina at Chapel Hill
UNCCH - COMP 249: Advanced Distributed Systems: Multimedia Networking (Kevin Jeffay)
UNCCH - COMP 243: Distributed Systems (Don Smith and Kevin Jeffay)
UNCCH - COMP 247: Distributed and Concurrent Algorithms (James Anderson)
UNCCH - COMP 203: Parallel and Distributed Computing (Siddhartha Chatterjee)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
UIUC - CSE 302 Introduction to Parallel Programming for Scientists and Engineers and their catalog description.

University of Maryland
Univ of Maryland - CMSC818K - Distributed and Concurrent Systems, by Pete Keleher

University of Pennsylvania
UPenn - CSE 480 - Distributed and Real-Time Systems

University of Washington
University of Washington - CSE 524 Parallel Algorithms
University of Washington - CSE 552 Distributed and Parallel Systems
University of Washington - CSE 581 Parallel Computation in Image Processing
University of Washington - CSE 590 Parallel Programming Environments
University of Tennessee
University of Tennessee - Understanding Parallel Architectures

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