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Code Fragment Calling C Interface Cpdgemr2d

      /* scatter of the matrix A from 1 processor to a P*Q grid */       
         Cpdgemr2d(m, n,
                   Aseq, ia, ja, &descA_1x1,
                   Apar, ib, jb, &descA_PxQ, gcontext);     
      /* computation of the system solution */
         Cpdgesv( m, n, 
                  Apar , 1, 1, &descA_PxQ, ipiv , 
                  Cpar, 1, 1, &descC_PxQ, &info);
      /* gather of the solution matrix C on 1 processor */
         Cpdgemr2d(m, n,
                   Cpar, ia, ja, &descC_PxQ,
                   Cseq, ib, jb, &descC_1x1, gcontext);

Susan Blackford
Tue May 13 09:21:01 EDT 1997