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  1. This index   lists related pairs of real and complex routines together, for example, PSGETRF and PCGETRF.
  2. Driver routines are listed in bold type, for example, PSGESV and PCGESV.
  3. Routines are listed in alphanumeric order of the real (single precision) routine name (which always begins with PS-). (See section 3.1.3 for details of the ScaLAPACK naming scheme.)
  4. Double precision routines are not listed here; they have names beginning with PD- instead of PS-, or PZ- instead of PC-.
  5. This index gives only a brief description of the purpose of each routine. For a precise description, consult the Specifications in Part ii, where the routines appear in the same order as here.
  6. The text of the descriptions applies to both real and complex routines, except where alternative words or phrases are indicated, for example, ``symmetric/Hermitian'', ``orthogonal/unitary'', or ``quasi-triangular/triangular''. For the real routines tex2html_wrap_inline12724 is equivalent to tex2html_wrap_inline12722. (The same convention is used in Part ii.)
  7. A few routines for real matrices have no complex equivalent (for example, PSSTEBZ).





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