Release date: Sat 11/16/19.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy under Grant No. NSF-OCI-1032861, NSF-CCF-00444486, NSF-CNS 0325873, NSF-EIA 0122599, NSF-ACI-0090127, DOE-DE-FC02-01ER25478, DOE-DE-FC02-06ER25768.

ScaLAPACK is a software package provided by Univ. of Tennessee, Univ. of California, Berkeley, and Univ. of Colorado Denver.

1. GitHub repository

2. Support and questions

3. ScaLAPACK 2.1.0: What’s new

ScaLAPACK 2.1.0 contains:

  • New robust ScaLAPACK routine for computing the QR factorization with column pivoting by Zvonimir Bujanovic and Zlatko Drmac [Download Lawn 296]

  • MPI-3+ updates required by Open MPI 4

  • Improve accuracy of Frobenius norm by making intermediate column sums

  • miscellaneous minor bug fixes

  • Improve cmake shared library support

3. External Contributors

  • Zvonimir Bujanovic

  • Zlatko Drmac

4. Thanks

Thanks for bug-report/patches/suggestions to:

  • Bjorn Adlerborn

  • Dmitry Baksheev (Intel)

  • Aurelien Bouteiller

  • Chris Bradley

  • Jed Brown

  • Eugene Chereshnev (Intel)

  • Mark Gates (University of Tennessee, USA)

  • Piotr Luszczek (University of Tennessee, USA)

  • Nick Papior

  • Jack Poulson

  • zerothi

5. Developer list

Principal Investigators
  • Jim Demmel (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

  • Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee and ORNL, USA)

  • Julien Langou (University of Colorado Denver, USA)

LAPACK developers involved in this release
  • Julie Langou (University of Tennessee, USA)