What machines does PVM run on?

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What machines does PVM run on?

  The most common PVM platform is a Unix machine, and PVM currently runs on more than 30 different ones. Chances are, yours is included. Porting it to other ones is generally a simple matter. A complete list of predefined architectures can be found in the PVM source in file doc/arches.

Special ports of PVM for some message-passing processors are included with the Netlib distribution. These include the Intel iPSC/860, iPSC/2 and Paragon and TMC CM-5. Shared memory ports are also included that use System-5 shared memory for communication and run on Sun, SGI, DEC, Kendall Square, Sequent and IBM machines.

Ports exist aside from the Netlib distribution for the Cray T-3D (a CRI product), Parsytech ( I don't have a reference for this one) and other machines. Ports have also been done to VMS (by Dan Clark, dclark@cse.ogi.edu) and OS/2 (by Jan Ftacnik, ftacnikj@fnal05.fnal.gov).

Bob Manchek
Fri Mar 3 15:08:11 EST 1995