Pvmd and Foreign Tasks<A NAME=1385> </A>

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Pvmd and Foreign Tasks 

Pvmds usually don't communicate with foreign tasks (those on other hosts). The pvmd has message reassembly buffers for each foreign pvmd and each task it manages. What it doesn't want is to have reassembly buffers for foreign tasks. To free up the reassembly buffer for a foreign task (if the task dies), the pvmd would have to request notification from the task's pvmd, causing extra communication.

For the sake of simplicity the pvmd local to the sending task serves as a message repeater. The message is reassembled by the task's local pvmd as if it were the receiver, then forwarded all at once to the destination pvmd, which reassembles the message again. The source address is preserved, so the sender can be identified.

Libpvm maintains dynamic reassembly buffers, so messages from pvmd to task do not cause a problem.